WARNING: Workshop Is Restricted To ONLY 40 Realtors (Due to Limited Seating) 15 Left 25 Spots Already Gone!
The Fastest Path to Mastering Real Estate...
Master Selling Homes FASTER & FOR MONEY (and Much MORE) in Today's Market...
4 June2022 in Singapore
Did You Know...???
  • Half of all homes sold in Singapore sell BELOW sellers' expectations.
  • ​More than 70% of clients 'claim' to be satisfied with their property agent, YET DIY cases are on the Rise with NO SIGNS of going away.
  • ​70-90% of all FSBOs will eventually go & list with a property agent.
  • ​​Over 50% of Expired or Cancelled Listings will re-list with a different agent within 30 days. 
But do you know THE STEPS To Take TO WIN those listings? 
You'll Learn It All At 1 Day Private Workshop LIVE!
"The World's Greatest FSBOs, EXPIREDs & DIYers Training."
From: Yasser Khan
Raffles Place, Singapore
Dear Property Agent,
Almost everything I was ever taught about FSBOs and Expireds has been dead wrong.

I was told...
  • You can't sell homes fast and for more money in this market. NO.
  • ​There's too much competition going after FSBOs and Expireds. NOPE.
  • ​Listing FSBO's was a war of attrition...you just had to keep calling them until failure made them give up and surrender to paying a commission. WRONG.
  • ​To use Bait-n-Switch and other B.S. Strategies to "get your foot in the door."  THAT'S B.S.
  • ​To pretend like I didn't want the listing and was trying to help them sell it as a FSBO.  MORE B.S.
  • ​That my job was to identify why an Expired listing didn't sell the first time.  NOPE!
  • ​That Expired Sellers were like the enemy. WRONG.
  • ​To tell Expired Sellers that I specialised in homes that didn't sell the first time. ARE YOU KIDDING?
  • ​If I couldn't get the listing after 3 calls to throw the lead away. WRONG.
  • ​That your marketing plan was the key to convincing FSBOs, Expireds and DIYers to list with you. DEAD WRONG.
  • ​To never take "No" for an answer. WRONG AGAIN.
  • ​There are no guarantees in Singapore real estate. STILL WRONG
Almost everything I was ever taught about buying & selling houses, about FSBOs and Expireds, about DIYers has been dead wrong.

And there are lots more B.S. ...

However, a lot of things have actually changed.
When I started prospecting over 10 years ago, everybody had a home phone... and they actually answered it!

Today... things have changed more than any of us could ever have imagined... and yet most agents are still depending on many of the same old strategies from the 1900s!

The real estate market is changing. There are massive "disruptors" that are rocking the real estate industry now. There is "panic in the streets" for many Realtors who are feeling the seismic shifts. There is an impending recession.

Change is reality
.  And while many things change, some things NEVER CHANGE.  The key is to understand the difference between the CHANGES  and the UNCHANGEABLES. Those who understand the changes and who master the unchangeables... are the ones that will win.

At this year's 1 Day Private Workshop, you will hear from other agents just like you who are crushing it with Home Sales, FSBOs, DIYers and Expireds... and who are experiencing massive 6-figure growth in their businesses.

You'll hear from agents who were totally terrified of prospecting FSBO's and Expired listings... were terrified of DIYers... and THIS YEAR will be on stage sharing the secrets to their massive 6-figure income growth.

This 1-day event will catapult your business forward and help you Become the BEST Real Estate Agent in YOUR market.

You will be attending a live workshop that has created six-figure raises for many of the agents who will be training next to you.

And my message for you is this...
  • YOU Have What Every Seller Needs...
  •   ​YOU Can Help Them Get A Better Result...
  • ​  And... YOU Can Make a Fortune Doing It...
  • ​  It's YOUR Time...
  • ​  And... The Property Agent Success System Is The Path.
    Nothing Will TURBO-CHARGE Your
    Listing Business Like This...
    Discover YOUR "Property Agent Success System" At 1 Day Private Workshop LIVE 2021!
    This Is NOT Like Any
    Other Event!
    Unlike other events and conferences, this isn’t one big hype-a-thon.

    You won’t be confused by a parade of random speakers trying to take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths.
    (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

    I’ve created this 1-day private workshop to be a cohesive JOURNEY into mastering the most profitable listing niches in the real industry.

    It will be a very private training with me, behind closed doors.

    Every session has been strategically created to give you a specific piece of what it takes to master listing and selling For-Sale-by-Owners, Do-It-Yourselfers and Expired Listings in high volumes.

    I’ll be taking you on the END-TO-END journey from:
    “Here’s How You Confidently Break Through The Resistance With Sellers, FSBOs & Expireds And Get Appointments On Your First Conversation."
    “Here’s How To Have The Presence And Presentation That Makes Motivated Sellers Say 'YES' To You Every Time."
    “Here’s How To Be the Best In Your Market At Delivering The Best Results For Your Clients."
    And...NEW for 2022
    “Here’s How To Make A Fortune With 0 ABSD, Bank Auctions and Distressed Sellers..."
    “And How To Win FSBOs, DIYers and Expireds With Your Own 'Online SYSTEM' ...Even If They Don't Want To Talk To You...And Without Having To BEG For Listings."
    In this HANDS-ON Private WORKSHOP you will:
    • Hardwire DAILY DISCIPLINES of Productivity
    • ​Have daily, bullet-proof ACCOUNTABILITY
    • ​Implement a SELLING SYSTEM Sellers Can't Resist
    • ​Learn to DELIVER BETTER RESULTS Than Anyone Else
    • ​Generate MORE LEADS Than Ever Before
    • ​Win MORE REFERRALS from People You Know
    • ​Leverage Your Time with POWERFUL SYSTEMS
    • ​Get HIGHER COMMISSIONS on All Your Listings
    • ​Compress Time to ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS
    SKYROCKET Your leads, Closings & Commissions
    Get >50+ QUALIFIED Property Leads DAILY
    Close Property Deals 10X FASTER each month
    QUADRUPLE Your Commissions in <180 DAYS
    BUILD & GROW Your own tEAM in <365 DAYS
    NEVER Worry About this Recession (or next) Again
    9am: Registration & Light Breakfast
    Registration will start at 9 am. Light breakfast is provided. Event will start at 930am sharp.
    930am-12: Preparation, Perspective & Power
    "Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win."  --Vince Lombardi

    Too many agents have failed because they tried the tactics without the right preparation. 

    And they lacked the perspective and confidence and power to break through the resistance, tear down obstacles and overcome skepticism in order to succeed.

    How would you like to show up in a way that sellers don't have the ability or willpower to tell you "no?"

    After this 1 Day Private Workshop LIVE, you will walk out of the event a different person.
    12-1pm: Lunch & Networking
    Recharge during lunch.
    Mingle around with fellow attendees, exchange numbers and find your 'Role Play' Partners.
    Grab a hold of Yasser Khan's BEST Agents and ask them all of your burning questions there and then.
    1-3pm: The Strategies, Skills & Systems
    Learn the systems, strategies, and the skills that will blow open the doors to more listings, more sales and more commissions than you ever imagined.

    How do you connect with FSBOs & Expireds who don’t even want to talk to you?

    How do you convince DIYers who don’t want to work with you, or even any other property agent?

    How do you get FSBOs, Expireds and DIYers to want to work only with YOU and no one else?

    How do you get them all to say “Yes” to you and give you the listing at your very first meeting??

    Discover the AUTOPILOT LEAD GENERATION of the Property Agent Success System that will make your number of listings and sales skyrocket through…
    • The Guaranteed Sale System
    • The FSBO System
    • The DIYer System
    • The Expired System
    • The Bank Auction System
    • The 0 ABSD System
    • The New Launch System
    • The Upscale Homes System
    • And MUCH MORE...
    3-330pm: PALS $100K Agent Club Awards
    Join us as we recognise more winners of the PALS $100K Agent Club Award for increasing their income by 6 figures in the last 12 months by quickly implementing PALS Systems, Strategies & Skills.
    330-5pm: The Times, Tools, & Technologies
    Bulletproof your business from the disruption of the technology platforms, DIY mentality and the coming market shift (& the inevitable economic slowdowns).

    Generate more seller leads and listings than ever before… even in a slowing or declining market.
    Get every listing priced right and then have it SOLD for top dollar.
    Turn every listing into a lead generation machine for your *other* listings.
    Learn to generate motivated buyer & seller leads online without depending on PropertyGuru or 99.co or your upline and without burning money on losing ads…

    Yasser Khan's 1 Day Private Workshop LIVE is the path to:
    • Become The Very Best.
    • Help More People.
    • Sell More Listings.
    • Earn More Income.
    • And Live The Life Of Your Dreams. 
    This Event Will Transform Your Business And Your Life... so go and get your ticket right now...
    Join us as we recognize more winners of the PALS $100K Agent Club Award for increasing their income by 6 figures in the last 12 months.  And put yourself on the course for 6-Figure income growth this year.  It's your time! Thanks again.  I'm so very excited to see you in person soon!
    P.S. Once you register you will also be invited to join me in our Private Pre-Training Camp Facebook Group for 30 days before the event, where you can ask questions, get answers, and lots of cool extras.

    P.P.S.  I almost forgot to mention, right now we have our "EARLY BIRD" pricing on this page. When the clock hits 00:00:00, then the price will go up. So NOW is the time to lock in your tickets before this price is gone forever.
    "This is why I love doing what I do!"
    Check out the videos below of our agents
    TOMMY TEO - OrangeTee
    Is this a paid Event?
    What are the dates of the "1 Day Private Workshop LIVE" Event?
    Online Registration starts on May 1st, and the event is happening 4 June 2022 at Raffles Place, Singapore.
    What is the venue for the event?
    50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, #37-01, Singapore 048623. This event venue is NOT at our office.
    (You will need to change your pass at the Level 1 security counter, then take the escalator up to Level 2 Lift Lobby.)
    I'm trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about?
    Event registration will start at 8:30 am on Wednesday, 4th June 2022, and the event will conclude around 7pm.
    Can anyone attend this event?
    Yes, if you are (or want to be) a successful real estate agent, then this LIVE workshop is for you!
    Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
    Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to attend. Agents who upgraded by getting the Property Agent University's Online Course will receive a BONUS Ticket to bring someone with you to the event.  A S$49 Registration fee will still apply. Limited availability in order to keep classroom size smaller for better quality.
    Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
    There are NO REFUNDS for inability to attend the event. You will be allowed to use your ticket at the next upcoming 1-Day Private Workshop, based on availability. A S$49 Admin Registration fee will still apply to attend that next event.
    Yasser Khan Coaching reserves the right to reschedule this event.
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